Purchase process from start to finish

Purchase process from A to Z

How does the purchase in Spanish and European stores work? How to place an order? How to use a virtual address? Step-by-step instructions for placing orders through the Spanish Demica intermediary.

Have you already looked through the catalogs of Spanish stores and chosen a product? It's time to move on to the most important thing - ordering. Before proceeding with this, study the delivery conditions and our rates. After that, you can safely contact us, below you can read a brief instruction that will help when making a purchase through an intermediary:

1. Registration on the site. Spend just 2 minutes of your time to register on our site.

2. Purchase of goods and prepayment. You have several options for how you can purchase the product:

- by links. In this case, we will buy the order. All links should lead to España (Peninsula y Baleares)! After that, the order is displayed in the table "my orders" and you need to make a 100% prepayment (for orders via links). To do this, in the top menu, click replenish your account. Also in this table, you can follow the changes in the order status: “repurchased”, “in stock”, etc.

- self-purchase or virtual address. The store accepts payment by your card and sends the order to our stock address. After the purchase, you need to issue a self-payment in the Personal Account on our website.

3. The order has been bought out. Your order has received the status of "purchased", you will receive a notification by mail with an attached Word file (this file can also be found in the Order on the site), which will display a basket with redeemed items. Be sure to check the correctness of the repurchased positions in this file. In case of an error, as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days, contact us.

You now have an unpaid invoice, which can be found in the unpaid invoices section at the top, under the balance sheet or in the menu.

This account must be closed once the order has been redeemed. To do this, first replenish the balance for the missing amount, and then go to the unpaid account and click on the "pay" button

4. Order in warehouse

Your order has received the status "In warehouse". Now you need to apply for a parcel, for this, in your Personal Account, select "Form a parcel". When forming a parcel, you can see its approximate weight based on the orders added to it.

ATTENTION! Unpaid orders cannot be selected during the formation of the application. Close all unpaid invoices first and only then create a package.

5. The parcel is packed and framed.

Your first package has appeared in the table “my parcels”. (The invoice for the parcel is generated after it receives the status "cleared". Please note that there is also an intermediate status "packed", which means that the parcel has already been packed, and it is awaiting customs clearance.). Now you need to pay the bill for the parcel, which also takes into account the intermediary commission.

Note: if there are enough funds on your balance, the payment/closing of the invoice for the parcel will happen automatically, otherwise the account will need to be closed manually after the balance is replenished.

6. Sending the Parcel

We send orders all over the world. The dispatch takes place within 1 week after the invoice for the parcel is paid. Once the package has received the status "shipped", you will receive an email notification.

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